Rajashekar G B

Mr Rajashekhar GB

Chairman (M.Com.)

Mr Rajashekhar is an alumnus of Sri Sathya Sai LokaSeva Group of Institutions. His fervour to serve in the Divine mission made him join his alma mater. He has been associated with the Institution for almost 17 years now and has beentransformed into a fully-blown mature individual. His benignity and calmness dispel all the obstacles however mighty they may seem and he considers every minute of his life in the Campus as a gift from God.

Jayarama Readdy N V

Mr Jayarama Reddy N V

Secretary (B.A.)

Mr Jayarama Reddy has been associated with the Campus for the all-round supervision and maintenance. He submits that the treasure trove of invaluable learnings from the Institution is innumerable and immeasurable.

Ram Prasad

Mr Ram Prasad K

Head Master (M.A.)

Happiness and moral duty are inseparable according to Mr Ram Prasad and he attends to his call of duty with utmost sincerity. He joined in July 2018 as the Head Master of the Campus and looks forward to contribute to his utmost capacity.